Launched on October 16, 2003, Globes Galore carries over 5000 of world's best globe map products for home, office, and classroom models that help students understand their world. They include gemstone and lighted or illuminated global stands for desks or floors. Furthermore, find apparel, educational toys, and home furnishings that display spherical earth designs that educate and entertain at the same time. Learn about altitudes and positions of countries, oceans, grasslands, and deserts across our vast planet. It brings our existence on land, into a clearer perspective. We carry mapping globes made by well-known brands such as Replogle, the world's largest Globe manufacturer. Whether you are looking for a beautiful home decor piece, paperweight, bookend, or an inflatable, we have what you need! We carry everything from elegant handcrafted masterpieces you would expect to see in offices of world leaders and dignitaries, to exquisite hand-carved globes you may have seen in Hollywood movies. Shop confidently knowing that the secure checkout is powered and fully managed by Amazon.   

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